Social and community projects

Dr Paul Coulson Foundation


The Dr Paul Coulson Foundation was established in 1999 as a non-profit organisation. The main objective of the Foundation is to initiate, operate, manage and raise funds for medical and social projects in favour of the people of Namibia.

Dr Paul Coulson

Doctor Paul Coulson

Dr Paul Coulson was a much loved and respected general practitioner, who served the community of the coastal town of Walvis Bay from 1973 until his untimely death in 1998. As an avid nature-lover he travelled widely in Namibia and would always take his medical bag along on these trips. He was thus able to render medical assistance to people in remote areas.

The Foundation was established to honour the name of Dr Paul Coulson and to further the idea of rendering services to the needy people of Namibia. It was felt that a foundation would be the most suitable structure to carry out this function and could also act in co-operation with local service clubs such as Round Table, Rotary and Lions. The aim would be to act as a facilitator in raising donations for worthy causes and, as a legal and accountable body, provide confidence to foreign donors.


The Dr Paul Coulson Medical Run

The first project undertaken by the Foundation was the establishment of the “Paul Coulson Medical Run”. This was done in association with the Walvis Bay Round Table 36 and Welwitschia Hospital.

With generous sponsorship from a number of local businesses as well as pharmaceutical companies, a group of doctors from the Welwitschia Hospital, accompanied by Round Tablers and 41'ers, undertook a week-long trip to the most north-westerly part of Namibia to provide medical services to remote communities. Due to the remoteness of the area, these communities do not always have easy access to medical treatment. This service was organised in association with the Ministry of Health. Three medical runs were undertaken, with the longer-term goal of establishing permanent clinics in these areas, which would enable the local communities to take over the service.

Subsequently the foundation, Walvis Bay Round Table and Welwitschia Hospital jointly established a permanent clinic - a wooden Wendy house structure at Epupa. Completion of this 5-year project involved establishing living quarters for the clinic nurse, solar panels, security fencing and equipment - fridge, scale, diagnostic sets, gas bottles and lamps. The French Embassy in Windhoek financed part of the project.

Donations to TB ward

Walvis Bay TB Kondja Ward

Walvis Bay TB Kondja Ward

During 2004 the Foundation joined hands with Rotary in a project supported by a number of local companies.

Rotary built the TB ward at the Walvis Bay State Hospital and the Dr Paul Coulson Foundation donated 11 hospital beds.

Support to the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Unit

NAMSOV, a local company, very generously funded a hyperbaric oxygen facility, which is run by the Welwitschia Hospital in Walvis Bay.

The Dr Paul Coulson Foundation manages the funding for needy patients who require this treatment.

Land Rover Ambulance

Handover of  Land Rover ambulance

Handover of Land Rover ambulance to the Dr Paul Coulson Foundation from the Dubai based charity, Gulf-4-Good

The Foundation received a donation of a Land Rover ambulance from the Gulf-4-Good charity based in Dubai. This was used by the St Gabriel's Ambulance Service for off-road purposes and to assist needy patients