Aerial View: Welwitschia Hospital and surrounding complex

Aerial View: Welwitschia Hospital and surrounding complex
1 Sunshine Center
2 WestMed
3 Erongo Medical Group Head Quarters
4 NMC/ BankMed/PSEMAS Medical Aid
5 Optometrist
6 ABC Pharmacy
7 AFC Accounting & Financial Solutions/ Naukluft Spring Water
8 Ambulance Services (EMED)
9 Prosperity/ Namdeb/ Napotel/Renaissance Medical Aid
10 Visiting Specialists Consulting Rooms
11 Gynaecologist Dr. Jeketera
12 Physiotherapist- Lindsay Stein, Suzanna Pienaar, Andre Muller
13 Chiropractor, Dr. Kelly Harris
NHP Medical Aid
14 Plastic Surgeon, Dr. S. Pandey Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. A. Pandey
15 Lauraly Skin Clinic
16 Meddix Occupational Health & General Practice
17 Dr. Georgiev- Welwitschia Family Practice
18 Dr. Fourie Family Practice
19 Dr. Borowski, General Surgeon
Namibia Lung Clinic
20 Emergencies/ Ambulances
21 Hospital Entrance, Casualty, On Call Doctor
22 Service Entrance
23 Wards
24 Radiology (X-RAY Department)
Fibroid Care
Pain Clinic
Hospital Pharmacy
25 Dr. Rautenbach Practice
Dr. D. Burlachenko
Dr. S. Young
26 Dr. Roberts Practice
27 Dental Surgeon
Dr. Kock
Dr. Jurgens
28 Paediatricians- Dr. C van Heerden, Dr. Migambi
Dear Baby Program
Antenatal Classes
Children's Immunization Clinic
29 Blood Transfusion Services of Namibia
30 BRG Biokinetics
31 Biokinetics Rehabilitation Centre
32 Physiotherapist- Anna Mart
33 Dentists- Dr. T. Fox, Dr. Kandombo
34 Occupational Therapists
35 Dr. Potgieter Consultancy
36 Tonik Restaurant
37 Specialists Physicians- Dr. Albueshi, Dr. Zorgani
Pathcare Laboratories
Cardiac Clinic
Medical Orthopaedics & Prosthetics
38 Dentists- Dr. T.L. Gontes, Dr. van Zyl